Oils can be intimidating if you’re new to them. You might worry they’ll be messy, leave you feeling greasy, or cause breakouts but using natural and naturally scented oils in the right way can be a complete skin saver. Oils have a ton of benefits that you can’t typically get from lotions or cream moisturizers that are loaded with other ingredients. First off, oils are much more concentrated and sink in quicker, leaving you with a more intense hydration that won’t rub off and leave your skin feeling dry again. This also means that a little goes a long way; only a few drops of oil is enough moisture for your entire face, for example, so your products will last you well into Spring. Hair, body, and face oils are also packed with with vitamins and antioxidants that will help to revitalize your skin while creating a barrier to the harmful elements of the outside world, like harsh winter winds. Plus, they just make you feel super luxurious.


Let’s start with the body. Body oils are best applied directly after getting out of the shower while skin is still damp so they can effectively lock in moisture. They are also most beneficial if you exfoliate first. Using a loofah or body scrub (like the Coffee + Mint Exfoliating Body Scrub) will help to remove the top layer of dead skin so that your oil can sink in and deliver moisture right to where you need it. Use the Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil for an invigorating daily moisturizing experience. To start, pump a small amount into your palm (3 or 4 pumps to start — you can always add more!) and massage into skin. Taking the time to massage your skin will help the oil sink in faster and will increase blood supply to your skin, improving circulation and aiding with the regeneration process while reducing stress. The naturally bright scent of this body oil also sinks in and mellows, so the scent will last longer and can be layered with other scents or essential oils depending on your mood for the day.


For your face, oils can be a bit trickier as skin type varies, but finding the right formula for your skin can really enhance your complexion. Massaging a few drops of natural face oils into your skin after cleansing can decrease inflammation, prevent irritation and help neutralize free-radicals. Facial oils also reduce water loss that can cause your face to look sunken, plumping your skin and reducing fine lines. A great one to try for beginners is the Lavender + Frankincense Original Oil, LBA’s very first product! Founders Joshua and Brad first concocted the oil to help treat symptoms of psoriasis but this formula is a great, universal cure-all for all types of skin ailments.  The lavender oil in this formula works to block bacteria and heal blemishes, while frankincense essential oil helps promote cell regeneration. Jojoba oil and Cannabis oil are also blended in for added nutrition and hydration. Squeeze a few drops into your palm to warm the oil and gently press over face in small, upward motions. You can also apply this oil to the ends of your hair or add a few drops to your bath for a more soothing, aromatic experience.

If you struggle with dark, puffy, or dry under eyes, the Carrot Seed + Rosehip Eye Serum is specifically formulated to target this super-sensitive area. The carrot seed oil works as a cell rejuvenating compound to help fade dark circles while rosehip oil is intensely moisturizing and high in nutritional fatty acids.


Just like your skin, your hair can really benefit from an extra boost of moisture, especially during the colder months. Though it may seem counterintuitive, hair oils act as a great detangler, sealant, and heat protectant. When your hair becomes damaged, the lipids in your hair fail to hold your strands together, causing breakage and split ends. The fatty acids in oils like the Chamomile + Rosemary Hair Oil, packed with highly nourishing almond and jojoba oil, replace those lipids to fortify hair to keep it shiny and strong. Massage a few drops from root to tip, or concentrate solely on the areas that need an extra moisture boost. Try squeezing two drops at a time into your palm and only concentrating on one area at a time, so application is even throughout your locks.



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