Recently, various versions of the traditional 10-step Korean Skincare routine have become a daily practice among skincare enthusiasts around the world. These routines are effective and comprehensive, but it can be hard to find a version that includes clean, natural beauty products that are safe for all skin types and the environment. We wanted to show you how we would recreate this popular beauty trend that covers all your skin needs in one daily routine.

1. Oil-based cleanser

Starting with an oil based cleanser is crucial for breaking down makeup, dirt, moisturizers and sunscreens left over from the day. Our Blue Yarrow + Geranium Cleansing Oil, crafted for all skin types, gently dissolves build up without stripping your skin of the oil it needs. Apply it to a dry face, gently massaging away impurities, then rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

2. Water Based Cleanser

The double cleanse is an essential part of the traditional Korean skincare routine. Following your oil cleanser with a water based cleanser gets rid of any excess grime, makeup or oil that might have been left behind. Our Cocao + Chamomile Cream Cleanser is mild enough for normal, sensitive, and dry skin, and provides hydration as well as a deep cleanse. Daily application leaves skin feeling clean, never clogged.

If you have oily or problematic skin, try the Charcoal + Aloe Cleanser. The activated charcoal helps to draw out impurities in your skin while aloe nourishes and soothes. Work your cleanser of choice into dry skin without water to build a lather, then rinse with warm water.

3. Exfoliator

Exfoliating 2-3 times a week can make all the difference in getting rid of dead skin cells and built-up dirt and oil. While some exfoliating agents use harsh chemicals or harmful beads, the Tea Leaves + Seeds Dermal Abrasive can be used with any cleanser or oil for a safe, gentle, and effective scrub that’s good for your skin and the environment.

4. Toner 

The Aloe + Rosewater toner works to balance the pH of the skin’s surface while giving you an added boost of hydration. Cleansing and exfoliating can leave the skin feeling stripped so a good, hydrating toner should restore moisture and balance. Mist Aloe + Rosewater over your face and allow it to dry before moving on to the next step.

5. Essence / Serum

Essences are a staple in the Korean skincare routine that are beginning to gain popularity worldwide. They’re especially  important when it comes to your skin’s nutrition and hydration. While some would argue that essences and serums are different and others say they’re basically the same, we agree that the The Witch Hazel + Sage Gel Hydrator works as the perfect water-based treatment with natural, pore-clearing salicylic acids for reparative effects on blemishes. Massage a small amount onto face and give it time to sink in and work its magic.

6. Treatments

While a number of products can be considered treatments (ampoules and boosters and serums, oh my!), the Lavender + Frankincense Original Oil serves as a great universal treatment. Packed with vitamins A, D, and E, plus copper, zinc, chlorophyll and more, this facial oil targets a range of problems from dry skin to inflammation. For dry skin that feels sunken or tight, the Helichrysum + Violet Face Oil works wonders. Press a few drops of either oil onto a clean face.

7. Masks

Though this step is usually reserved for a Korean skincare classic, sheet masks, we suggest regular use of the Calendula + Lycopene hydration mask instead. Sheet masks are super beneficial and fun to do on occasion, but daily or even weekly use can create a lot of waste. A thin layer of the Calendula + Lycopene gel mask offers some of the same nourishing agents found in many sheet masks, such as aloe vera and fruit enzymes, while producing way less waste.

8. Eye Treatment

Eye treatments target fine lines, puffiness, and darkness around the eye area. The Carrot Seed + Rosehip Eye Serum is an easy and effective alternative to expensive creams and treatments. Rosehip oil, a potent source of vitamin C and intense moisture, paired with Carrotseed oil, antibacterial and packed with antioxidants, provides lightweight, clean, and non-greasy nourishment.

9. Moisturizer

Seal in your routine  and soothe dry skin with the deeply moisturizing and reparative Borage + Botanicals Hydration Cream Concentrate. Suited for day and night use, this rich cream contains 8 botanicals, fruit extracts, and borage seed oil for ultimate hydration. Massage a thin layer over your face in the morning for enhanced moisture retention. Or, use a little more for an intense night moisture treatment.

10. Sun + Environment Protection

It’s important to note that none of our products contain SPF, but our Orchid + Blackcurrant Face Serum contains a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants that protect from harmful outside elements that can easily damage skin. Protection from environmental aggressors like pollution and harsh weather will keep skin healthy and glowing. Apply this serum each morning before your favorite face sunscreen for daily protection!

— Anasha



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