We are so excited to be launching new products this week, including our highly anticipated shampoo and conditioner duo. At long last, we have formulated everything you need to complete your daily bathing routine. This got us thinking about showering as an experience. Unfortunately, our daily shower is sometimes the only true alone time we get during the day. Because we want to prioritize self-care in everything that we do, why not turn this daily activity into a luxuriously cleansing, self-love ritual? Here’s a few easy tips on how to elevate your shower into one that leaves you feeling truly relaxed and  ready for whatever comes next (featuring a few of our new product launches!).

Lather + Rinse

First up, hair care. Little Barn has been wanting to launch both a shampoo and a conditioner for a long, long time. But, we had to make sure the formula was exactly what we wanted. Clarifying, non-stripping, and, above all, deeply nourishing. Enter, Broccoli + Pink Grapefruit Shampoo

For this product, broccoli seed oil was chosen as one of the main active botanicals because this unlikely ingredient is loaded with vitamins (like C and B6) and fatty acids that nurture and support a healthy scalp while encouraging hair growth. Grapefruit peel oil, as a citrus oil, helps to increase circulation at the scalp, which can also stimulate hair growth. Plus it’s ultra-clarifying, helping to rid your scalp of unwanted grease and grime. The invigorating scent will help to awaken the senses and uplift your mood, so breathe in deep while you suds up. Rinse away and move onto conditioner. 

shampoo (1) copy

We wanted our conditioner to be soothing, taming, and hydrating, but not heavy. We didn’t want to feel like our hair was weighed down after use. What resulted was Sweet Orange + Chamomile Conditioner, a softly hydrating formula that leaves hair smooth, detangled, and ready to run your fingers through without any leftover residue. Chamomile is a super gentle moisturizer that helps soothe scalp irritation and prevent dandruff. Turns out it’s just as relaxing in a cup of tea as it is in your hair.  Rosehip oil is blended in to help hydrate and repair damaged hair, while provitamin B5 nourishes the hair follicle to help prevent hair loss, help your hair retain moisture, and even helps to protect your hair from outside pollutants. A cocktail of hair healthy ingredients for the ultimate lustre, shine, and support. So, work the creamy formula through your mane, focusing heavily on your ends, and leave in while you move onto your body.


Suds Up

Our new body washes are the same well-loved formula in two fresh, aromatherapeutic scents. Both work to give you the deep clean you want and the nourishment your skin needs, each with a unique scent specifically formulated to help you feel relaxed and uplifted. Muhuhu + Clementine is light, woodsy and slightly sweet. Lemongrass + Cedar is brightly citrus with rich, earthy undertones of Atlas Cedar. Whichever you use, work into a creamy lather on skin and don’t immediately rinse. Instead, take a few moments to give yourself a quick, cleansing massage that can assist in blood circulation and drainage of toxins. You can even turn the shower off at this point to avoid wasting water.


Take a few deep breaths and let the woodsy, citrus scent wash over you. Using a sudsy loofah or body brush, sponge from your neck to your collarbone about 10 times. Moving down your body, sponge each side of your chest in opposite, circular motions and your abdomen in clockwise circular motions. Then, make repeated strokes from your feet to your upper thigh in light, upward motions. You can do the same from your fingers to your shoulders, with small, circular motions along your upper arms and upper thighs.


This will help to increase blood flow and support the drainage of toxins in your body. Plus it will get you super clean, exfoliated, and feeling ultra relaxed. At this point, you can turn the water back on and rinse off.

Take your time, letting the water run over your body and rinsing away the suds. Run your fingers through your hair to let the conditioner wash out completely, giving yourself a light scalp massage as you work your way through. As you towel off, don’t forget to moisturize with a body oil (like our Honeysuckle + Grapefruit Body Oil) or natural body lotion (like our Rose + Black Pepper Botanical Body Lotion). Leave your bathroom feeling clean, relaxed and grounded in your own body.

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